QEBD650 Weatherstrip

Length Options

80", 96"


Bronze, Tan, White

Package Size

1 set (3 pieces), 5 sets (15 pieces)

Starting at: $17.50

Simple and easy way to protect against air and water infiltration.

French Door
Single Door
Unlimited Cut Down
Universal Swing
Reach of 0.650"
Return Eligible

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Return Policy: 60 Days

Starting at: $17.50

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Product Overview


Resilience and durability are the keys to long-lasting performance and our products have a proven reputation for keeping elements outside your door system and home. Though small in size, Endura® weatherstrips are an important part of gaining maximum protection from water and other elements.

QEBD650 Weatherstrip creates a consistent compression every time, proving a life-long seal and protection against air and water infiltration. Your home will remain protected for years to come as the weatherstrip continues to snap back into shape despite bending and twisting that occurs over time.

What’s included:
• 1 set contains 3 pieces of 80″ or 96″ weatherstrip.

What does it do?
• Inserted into the door frame to seal against the door panel
• Seals the margin around the door panel to protect against water and air infiltration
• Snaps back into place when bent or twisted to protect and seal your home long-term

• This product qualifies for $4.99 Standard Shipping to the contiguous 48 states

Product details:
• Exposed barb kerf with 0.650″ reach to seal gaps that may exist around your door panel
• Homeowner essential that’s quick and easy to install with minimal tools and experience required
• Endura Part Number: WSQ650__

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